BMW Street Carver Skateboard Bayerische Motoren Werke LTD EXCLUSIVE NEW!

BMW Street Carver Skateboard Bayerische Motoren Werke LTD EXCLUSIVE NEW!

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The carver from BMW feels most at home in the city.

The exclusive
 fun sports equipment from BMW transmits the fascinating Feeling of gliding from surfing and snowboarding onto the asphalt slope.

This "skateboard" has absolute cult status and is now being exhibited in museums and showrooms worldwide!

Suspension components from the BMW 5 series, innovative materials and a
sophisticated steering technology make the Streetcarver technically superior.

BMW has thus transferred know-how and high-tech from automotive engineering to a completely different field
transmit mobility. The Streetcarver shines with progressive steering. Through The driver can very specifically shift weight, the so-called "edging". change direction, so that a real "carving" on the road is possible becomes. Spectacular, rapid steering maneuvers can be "experienced". a quiet, Controlled driving pleasure is still guaranteed. At higher speeds, the weight of the rider ensures that the Streetcarver stabilized again and again.

The cushioning ensures a flexible standing board that in
Sandwich construction, with wood core and fiberglass inserts, is manufactured exclusively for BMW. Responsible for the excellent Driving behavior is, among other things, an original component from the BMW 5 series chassis, a so-called pendulum support, which is integrated into the aluminum chassis of the Streetcarver was incorporated. Contact with the road is provided by low-profile rollers made from PU.

BMW Streetcarver a real BMW
The design of the longboard won, among other things, the "Red Dot" of the renowned design center North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the most important Design awards worldwide.
BMW products have been owned for many years
regularly among the award winners.

The honors underline at the same time
Innovative strength and continuity of design quality, which is reflected in the BMW Design studios in Munich and at Designworks/USA in Newbury Park (California) is created